Intercession - Evangelism - Discipleship

When Jesus began his ministry:

During the course of his ministry:

After completing what he came to do:

Under the banner of "Celebrate His Majesty's Joy" Martin, with the help of others, aims to do the same.

When we follow the Gospels and the book of Acts, we see ministry taking place "outside the camp" (the church building). That is, in the market place, in the countryside, by the sea. We are seeing a resurgence of this today, as has been the practice from the start.

Jesus died once for all, so that people don't have to go hell. He has charged believers to be His witnesses and share the power of His love. Martin's heart is to do that and encourage and enable others to do the same.

Martin sees the power in going after the one being a critical step in reaching the lost. Watch this short video which talks about that.

Martin, with a company of volunteers, lifts Jesus up with music and preaching in the market place. We partner with Australia For Jesus, using The Way of Life Gospel Presentation. Please listen this short video as Tony McLennan explains the reason for using this tool.

We encourage those who join with Celebrate His Majesty's Joy in outreach to familiarise themselves with The Way of Life presentation. Please register your commitment at
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When out with us on the street, get alongside one of our team who can help you become proficient at sharing the Gospel.

Also take a look at the movie The Last Reformation.